Secure Deletion

1 February 2017

Information contained on computers is the wealth of a company, proprietary information that must be protected, even by law.

Secure deletion must ensure that the data contained in the storage media are deleted permanently, to prevent the company’s intellectual assets, personal data and confidential information of employees, suppliers and clients to be transmitted or disclosed to external bodies. When the company exchanges or disposes of its fleet of machines (i.e. servers, personal computers, laptops and other storage media), it hands over sensitive data to third parties. To avoid the risk of information leaks, it is necessary to permanently delete the contents of hard disks, SSD, mobile phones, etc. with the secure deletion of all supports, according to the law and with certification of the company that performs the deletion.

To permanently delete any data contained on a hard disk (or any other digital device), a simple formatting is not sufficient, but it is necessary to proceed with accurate and specific operations to ensure that the data cannot be recovered.

We can perform two types of deletion

Destructive deletion

This involves the demagnetisation of all media, compromising forever the magnetic data storage media of your hard disk. This is the method used for traditional magnetic hard disks, which must be disposed of immediately after processing because they are no longer usable.

Software erasure

We erase and replace data with random information through continuous rewriting so that the original data can never be recovered. This procedure requires many hours of work, but gives you the advantage of being able to reuse any rewritable storage device.

iRecovery Data certifies the erasure under the terms of the law and according to the DoD 5220.22 standard, approved even by the US Ministry of Defence and NATO, which requires a seven pass overwrite procedure before final erasure.


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Why choose us?

The iRecovery Data team is formed by industry professionals, who are carefully selected and who receive extensive training. They possess the highest expertise in erasing data in a way that complies with the privacy laws.

Put your trust in the most prestigious group in all Europe.

What does the law say?

All companies, professionals, healthcare facilities and paramedical workers are REQUIRED by law to delete data before disposing of electronic equipment.

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