Penetration Test

28 March 2017

Control of corporate networks.

One of the greatest business risks today is related to everything concerning Information Technology (ITC). Computer security against intrusions on the corporate network is a matter of primary importance, it is essential to check its vulnerability to avoid unpleasant episodes such as theft of sensitive data or damage to information assets, penalties on search engines rankings, damage to the image, web reputation, etc..

The Penetration Test allows to simulate the attack of hackers , checking the vulnerability of the computer network. Just a few years ago this aspect started to be considered, thanks to a growing awareness that information security is essential to avoid risks in the business world.
In general terms, the risk can be defined as the product of the probability of an event due to its impact, as defined in the formula:

Risk = Probability X Impact

The occurrence probability of a computer security incident

According to the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO), an IT risk is defined as the possibility that a threat or malicious software could get advantage of the vulnerabilities of a company’s computer network, causing damage to the business.

The Penetration Test provides an accurate assessment of the risks and allows understanding the actual level of security of a company’s website and/or computer system.

Regarding the Information Technology, it is necessary to consider risk aspects such as the importance of a threat, human or non-human, the information security of the system, and preparation of the security staff. It is also necessary to consider what impact will have the occurrence of a security risk on the company, but also on the customers and suppliers. With the Penetration Test, we analyse how the entire platform exposed to internet is affected, obtaining at the end a list that highlights the weak and vulnerable points.

The probability of a computer security incident occurring is therefore a mathematical function of the variable that measures the risk level, when a threat appears and how successfully uses the vulnerabilities of the system.
The consequences of a security incident are also a function of the possible impact that the incident will have on the organization itself. In fact, the same asset can have different values depending on the different organizations.

At iRecovery, we provide the best strategy to analyse any cyberattack or threat with the Penetration Test.


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Hacker attacks and theft of intellectual property.

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies of Washington revealed some alarming estimates: cyberattacks cost the global economy about 445 billion dollars annually, equivalent to 1% of the world’s GDP..
In 2013, the United States, China, and Germany were hacked, resulting in the theft of intellectual property and industrial/economic espionage for a total value of 200 billion dollars.
The Penetration test, also called the “Pentest”, is essentially a strategic tactic of cyber defence aimed at highlighting and identifying the vulnerabilities of a computer network using sophisticated technologies in order to find solutions to protect and preserve the information.

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