iRecovery helps to recover data after Hurricane Harvey

The company specialized in the analysis, diagnosis and recovery of data offers free services from its subsidiaries to people affected by the natural disaster in Texas.


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September 4th 2017 – A few days have passed since the last natural disaster that struck the United States: Hurricane Harvey. Heavy rain and strong wind have seriously affected Texas. Against this natural calamity, iRecovery – an Italian company that operates internationally in the field of information technology, with a strong experience in diagnosis and recovery of data has decided to offer concrete help to the Texan population.

The goal is to recover data and information from all storage devices, where surely affected people had kept memories and personal/business files. iRecovery offers its subsidiaries around the world, where all interested parties will be able to send their storage devices (hard disks, tablets, smartphones, Vmware stores, pendrives, etc) to obtain the analysis, diagnosis and recovery of their data.

A small gesture that the company hopes can give people in difficulty some relief, as they will be able to recover personal and business information of great importance.

iRecovery is a company composed of reliable technicians and managers with a great experience, who use the most modern tools to carry out the analysis and diagnosis of memory devices, even from those no longer working, always respecting the privacy policies.