IRecovery and MRT Lab, a strategic alliance to offer complete Data Recovery Solutions for Hard Drives and SSD.

All software and instruments from the leading company MRTlab, together with data recovery procedures and deep knowledge from iRecovery offer a complete strategy for the recovery of hard drives, SSD devices and RAID systems.


Irecovery Resseller MRT


Bogotá, August 25th 2017 –   IRecovery, a leading provider of Data Recovery services, Secure Deletion and Forensic Analysis and in the other side MRT Lab, a company specialized in production of software and data recovery tools for any type of devices, have announced a strategic cooperation. This alliance will allow iRecovery to offer all instruments and MRT software to data recovery companies and government agencies. All iRecovery clients and partners around the world will have the possibility to use a high range of services with the support and most advanced MRT technologies.

““MRT is very grateful having the possibility to work with a company like iRecovery. We both recognize to be at the pace with new technologies, creating commercial relations with trusted partners”. (MRT Lab)

“This collaboration will bring benefits not only to our societies, but also to all customers who value the security of their data. We are very pleased that MRTlab’s range of data recovery solutions is available to all iRecovery customers” (iRecovery)

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In addition, the combination of software, instruments and MRT’s best technology in the market, together with iRecovery services will allow users to have a unique benchmark for information recovery from hard drives and SSD devices. Currently, MRT instruments available through iRecovery are: Tool “All in one” for hard drives data recovery, and MRT specific software for secure deletion of files.

MRT data recovery products are constantly working with iRecovery services, since iRecovery engineers provide the training and technical support to all customers.

 “With more than 20 locations around the world and more than 120 labs, iRecovery is proud to be able to resell MRT solutions.”

 “Since the start of our cooperation, we could see how MRT Lab’s products and iRecovery’s training and partnership programs have created a wonderful solution to manage data and information safely”


For these reasons MRT will be a sponsor in the most important tour worldwide about data recovery and forensic analysis, that will be held from next September to October 2017 in many Latin America countries:

– Ecuador              Quito                                     September 25th and 26th

– Peru                    Lima                                       September 28th and 29th

– Bolivia                  La paz                                    October 02nd and 03rd

– Argentina           Buenos Aires                       October 05th and 06th

– Mexico                Mexico City                          October 09th and 10th

– Panama               Panama City          October 12th and 13th