How to send the damaged device

iRecovery tells you some simple steps for shipping the damaged device taking maximum care to pack it carefully. Hard disks and Solid State Drives are very delicate devices and must be protected from further damage during shipment.

Our recommendation

Packing and Sending the Device: Make sure you have everything needed to prepare a safe package. Styrofoam or bubble wrap are excellent, but we will tell you how you can create a protected package even with materials very easy to find.

Shipment of the package: Place the device in a strong reinforced cardboard box, to avoid further damage, fill the box with bubble wrapping and then close it with appropriate adhesive packing tape. It is very important that the hard disk, or any other storage media to be shipped, is not in contact with the outer surface of the box.

The device must be in the center of the box, surrounded by soft material that cushions any impacts or falls. If you can’t find anything better, kitchen sponges are fine. Fill out the forms you received and put them inside the box. Before sending the package, notify the details by writing to

Print the form with the address of our laboratory and add your address. Close it in a plastic envelope for paper sheets and secure it with adhesive tape to the package. If you have made an agreement with our shipping operators, one of our couriers will arrive to pick up the package at the designated time. This same courier will return the damaged storage media and a new one containing the recovered data. Delivery by courier is free of charge. If you ship the device by your own, we recommended the use of specialized couriers through the insured modality (do not use priority mail).