Faq: Frequently Asked Questions

How is your privacy protected?

The protection of the Customer’s privacy is our priority. All data and information, personal or contained in the devices, is processed according to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), international agreements and national agreements related with this subject. In addition, the data recovered, once returned to the Customer, is deleted permanently from our storage systems.

What is the Clean Room, and why to use it?

It is an environment in which impurities present in the air are controlled and reduced to a minimum. This operation is necessary to avoid compromising the mechanical hard disks once they are opened. Normal atmospheric dust entering into direct contact with the components of the disk may permanently damage the functionality and stored data.

Do we repair damaged devices?

No. During the analysis phase components may be replaced only to partially restore the functionality of the device, i.e., for the purpose of being able to extract as much data as possible. Subsequently, the device must be considered damaged, not reliable and therefore, not reusable.

On what type of devices can you recover data?

We can work on any modern data storage device, such as hard disks, solid-state disks (SSD), USB pen drives, memory cards, RAID and NAS systems. We also carry out diagnosis and data recovery actions on smartphones and tablets.

What is the difference between Business and Consumer category?

The recovery activities for the Business category involve the recovery of all data contained in the device, regardless of the content. This type of service is for companies and professionals. The Consumer category is instead for individual customers who need a data recovery service. For a lower cost, it is possible to recover only personal data, such as photos or word/excel files. The work is performed in any case after the other requests. It is also possible to request only a partial recovery of the information.

How much time is required to recover data?

Without first carrying out a diagnosis, it is difficult to give a precise time for recovering the data. Based on our experience, the times can vary from several hours to several days, especially if the problem has a mechanical nature and requires the replacement of parts inside the device in order to be able to recover the data. Moreover, the work will start once the device has arrived to our laboratory. If necessary, it is possible to give priority to the work requesting an emergency intervention.

What data can be recovered and with what reliability?

After the analysis phase, we will generate a file list and a technical report to indicate the level of reliability that can be obtained. The presence of a file in a device does not imply its integrity, which must be verified.

How we perform the data recovery?

The data recovery procedure is divided into two stages. In the first stage, called the “analysis,” we identify with precision the fault that led to the malfunction of the device. At the end of this stage we will prepare a technical report and only after this first step, and after reading what data can actually be recovered, we will begin the second stage: Acceptance of the initial agreement. In which we will complete the recovery operation with the copy of the information to a new device, in this stage the client is subject to the acceptance of the results.