About us

1 Febbraio 2017

iRecovery: the company specialized in data recovery and security

iRecovery is a modern and experienced company in Europe, consisting of technicians and managers with many years of experience in the diagnostic and analysis of data recovery cases and Forensic Analysis.
Our Italian Group has a European partnership network, able to apply different skills and innovative technologies to solve problems with security and speed. To our main clients: individuals, companies, public administration and security forces, we offer our experience in the field of Information Technology, in particular on diagnostics of devices and data recovery.

International Data Recovery

We operate throughout the national territory and in the main European countries through a network of qualified partners carefully selected by us according their expertise, professionalism and technical-commercial credibility.

iRecovery Professional Group consists of companies, professionals and businesses operating in the IT sector, able to offer end users (individuals and/or companies) professional data recovery services from damaged devices, as well as secure and certified deletion services, Forensic Analysis and Penetration Tests.

Andrea Baggio